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Gypsum decorations for Christmas

In this post I’m going to show you a funny experiment that I wanted to do since several years, but for shortage of time, of bravery or raw materials I always postponed, until now!

Well, I’ve been preparing in time in order to arrive the 8th of December (night where for tradition I’ll make the Christmas tree) with the homemade decorations.

You can find several tutorials on web about the realization of these balls (mine are not really balls), in gypsum.

It seems easy to make these, and in the end it is, but I was able only at the 3th attempt. Let’s keep this between you and me, but the firsts two try went straight into the rubbish, so I think it is useful take stock about what I learnt. Maybe you can make them right at the first time!

At first, you must find the materials. All you need is:

  • gypsum powder
  • water
  • essential oil (I chose bergamot and anise)
  • silicone chocolate molds
  • bowl ( preferably using plastic one)
  • spatula
  • plastic cups
  • little brush
  • metal hooks
  • nail file


First check on your package of gypsum the correct proportion to use for hydrate it.

In my case 1.5 part of gypsum for 1 part of water (actually on the third attempt, I added a bit of water because it solidified too quickly).

After preparing all the stuff begin to put the water into the bowl, after which pour the gypsum, and when it will be completely immersed on water (ten seconds more or less) you begin to mix all right.

sequenza 1

At this point put some drops of essential oil to perfume your gypsum Christmas ornaments. This step is optional, but  add a bit of perfume doesn’t hurt in my opinion.

With the brush passing on the silicon molds surface, this avoid the creation of air bubbles. This is the lesson I learned at third attempt! Before of that I tried to nebulize alcohol, like I saw in some videos, but has not worked with me!

Now you pour the gypsum inside the molds. If you have a plastic flexible bowl you can “bend” it forming a kind of spout.

sequenza 2

When the compound will have the required solidity (in my case pretty quickly) insert the metal hooks so you can hang them.

Left to dry until they solidify. You can now turn out it of shape. With a nail file you can smooth the behind and to arrange all the protuberances have remained.

sequenza 3

Now you just have to make a beautiful bow and hung them!



For no reason on earth you throw away the waste into the sink or into the wc. You risk that they solidify on the pipes with a not indifferent problem. To clean the tools you can wait the gypsum become hard, and after you can remove them and throw into the rubbish. You can remove the remains with a wetted blotting paper, and throw its into the rubbish too.

I decided to use anise essence oil, and my home for the following two days it seemed a Sambuca distillery! So, choose an essence you sure like. Or maybe you could puy a little less in there! 😀

I amused myself to do a small video! Enjoy!




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