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To have clear ideas isn’t always positive

You probably were very shocked and surprised by reading the title of this post. Coming from me that I am one of the most dithering person in the world (for all the aspect of my life except those relating to the job, where misteriusly I transform me), it sounds quite strange.

Then I’ve come to the conclusion that in this job when the customer have few ideas, or few and well confused, the result will be very better then who start with a really clear idea on his head.

Seems impossible, but if you think well,  when you turn to an other person in order to do a work, you’re leaning on that person. It’s supposed to be because you know that among your countless talents there aren’t the creative one, or you recognize that everybody has their own work.

I can promise you that to arrive with a blank sheet and an open mind permits to examine a lot of option, and leave a lot more leeway. I can assure you that if you go to the creative person with a Word doc or a  Power Point file, or a hand drawings on that you could want, you are starting with a wrong foot. Because seems you want to cover yourself to suggests that you are not sure about what he might submit to you. It’s link somebody else comes to tell you how to do your work. I don’t think you would be too pleased. If you think well you are going to pay someone else for this work…. so let him go!!

You’ll see that you will be more more more satisfied for the result. With an healthy discussion, an open-mind and profusely confidence, you will be happy for sure.

I know, i’m talking about a statement of faith but i can guarantee that if you find the right person and you have very confidence in her by build up a continuous dialogue the result will be for sure live up to the expectations.

Then, open your mind and trust! This is my daily tip!



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