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Campione: il bassotto che ha stoffa.. (the name literally means, Champions: the dachshund with cloth but the real meaning is the dachshund with potential and skills)

I’m presenting here a work that I have done with a my friend and coworker Francesca ( A lot of works that I’ll show you, are made in collaboration with her, therefore you’ll hear often about Farancesca in the next posts!

Almost a year ago we were asked to imagine some wood toys for kids. Clearly the idea intrigued us immediately. So after some research about the competitors, and different ideas that fill our heads, we have developed the draw that have brought to realize the prototype of Champion.

render con diversi esemplari

I show here some different images that we have delivered, and I try to tell you the thought there is behind the project.

We started from an idea of a toy that would help the children in the early childhood, when they begin to take the first steps, becoming later a loyal playmate.

Champion is studied to be a movable toy, with wheels, where the child with legs astride is able to push himself.


disegno tecnico


Another fundamental point for us was the material. We have decided to use only natural materials, and to give an added value to the toy by including different tactile experiences. The different surfaces we have chosen allow they to explore different sensations. From the soft cloth of hears and tail, to the rough nose of felt, and so on.

colori e materiali

We have studied in the end the packaging, likewise thought in natural materials like recycled cardboard, where thanks to the shape cutting, the different pieces to assemble find space. It’s also easy to stack and with a minimal amount of space.


How about our little dog? Do you like it? Would you choose it as a gift for the kids?



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