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The bathroom: when I was at the University it always was my big worry. I always left it as a last thing to do. In all my projects, that were houses, museums, or anything else the bath was my last step.

When I had nothing else to do if not the bath, finally it was time to get involved on it. I don’t know what the problem was, but the bath was for me a block. Seemed always too common, too few interesting maybe. 

And then, in such small spaces, succeed to organize all these stuff it was a kind of puzzle. Where does the sink fits better? And the bidet?
Well, the bath’s revenge took place after the University. So, after I have for long time snubbed it in my professional activity I have had to deal with more bathrooms than living rooms! And at the end I must admit that  a couple of them give me a lot of satisfaction!

I decided here to show you one example, together whit some tips I learned over time.

bagno bianco e nero

For me the bathroom is by now a decisive hall: it’s where you can measure the quality of a location. Notice this, how many time happened to you to go at the reasaurant, or in a museum, or in a hotel and say: it’s so nice!
Furnished with care, clean and in order, well organized spaces and skillful dose of illumination… and so, make the litmus test!go into the bath!! And there are two possible alternatives: or the bath is surprising and confirm your satisfaction, or is an anonymous space obtained from the only space available, without any particular attention; this always lead out in a big disappointment.

And I gonna tell you more: it’s all psychological!! Notice this, especially in the more elegant or polished restaurants, those with a intelligent design behind, the bathroom is always so cool, amazing.

Usually is an environment that totally broke up with the rest of the place, with different colors and wow elements. A particular sink, an interesting play of tile, a big mirror…

In conclusion a real uncommon place, far away to your house bathroom but very close to your dreams bathroom. Well, there is a specific reason for this: in our unconscious especially in the break rooms, we link the bathroom with the kitchen. If the bathroom is clean, the kitchen will be also clean, if the bathroom is amazing, the kitchen will be the same.

Furthermore the bathroom shouldn’t be too similar to the other parts of the restaurant, because the function is totally different, so it needs to create different emotions.


Let us go back briefly to the core of the matter. The project I’m going to show you today isn’t inside a restaurant but is part of a private house. It’s my parent’s master suite bathroom.

The narrow space, a kind of hallway with the shower in the end surely don’t helped to make this space a wellness environment.


pianta prospetto

I don’t know you, but I spend a lot of time in the bathroom! So I think should be a pleasure stay in there.

One of the most important elements of a bathroom, no point in denying it, are the tiles! There are a billion, of every color, shape and dimension, and to choose the right one is not so simple. My advice is to dare!! Stop with a beige, soft pink, and light gray tiles! Give personality to your bathroom!

specchio macchine volanti

Another detail that has been source of maniacal study by me is the connection between the tiles. Let me explain that: I decided to use tiles 40 x 40 for the floor, and 20 x 20 for the wall.

I created a low wall that includes a the toilet tank, and starting from the tiles dimensions I sized it. Then started from the space between the shower and the wall I decided the laying my tiles will have had.

sanitari e doccia

Determinant key of the bathroom was undoubtedly the Flying Machines of Fornasetti, this decorated tiles, in my opinion, put yourself immediately in a good mood! with their colors, in a white and black bathroom are the element that makes the environment more curious and less anonymous.

Another big research it was made for the bathroom fixture. If you can use suspended one I advise you to always use it! Not only for the aesthetic matter, but also for the level of hygiene since they permit a easly and fastest cleaning.
The monobloc sink was the element where I put my foot down. I wanted it!


The shower instead,  with the black tiles in the back wall and a tailor made black shower tray, at the same level to the floor, is the real element of relax.

The big square rain shower overhead makes really nice and relaxing the shower time.
The last element I thought was the mirror. The customized black framed mirror recall the sink dimension, is counter  posed to the lower wall, making visible the deep relationship of solids and voids.

specchio bagno

And how is your dreams bathroom? do tou Have it already or it’s only a desire?

For the photographies really thanks to Paolo Ferrarini!



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