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The Christmas table

The Christmas holidays are nearly upon us, and I thought it couldn’t miss a post about how to dress and set up the Christmas table!

If you expect the classical red tablecloth you will be disappointed! I won’t propose you nothing too conventional, for which you can search among the google images.

I give you some more modern combination, catchy anyway, for a table absolutely young but Christmassy as well!

I present you three collages that I prepared for you.

The first is surely the classical one, with a shades of silver and white. Monochrome and absolutely more elegant. For a raffinate and timeless table.

tavola argento

The second proposal inserts a touch of red, but in combination with the bronze, surely a very current color and all is enlivened with a warm green. This table is appropriate for who does not want to abandon the Christmassy colors but surely in minimal way!

tavola verde bronzo

The last proposal I prepared for you is certainly the more unusual, but also my favorite. Maybe because the colors inserted are my favorite! A little of mustard yellow and sugar paper color, clearly combined with white color. A joyous and young table, but also very very pretty!

tavola carta da zucchero e senape

What about this? What is your favorite? And how will be your table?



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