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Paint the house: do you take a risk?

The key point is: the floor!! How is it? What material is it? How color is it?

You must to start from here in order to identify with serenity the aspect that your house will have.

Whether you have to redecorate your house, or you want to revive it, or you start from zero I think the floor is absolutely crucial.

It may sound strange, but I can assure you that every floor has its nature!

Your work will be easier if you are going to change the floor or if the floor is not there anymore. I mean, you have always to consider it, but you’re not bounded by something existing and for this reason you can choose the one that best will meet your taste.

I’m going to suggest you  some picture for explain better the idea. The color choice you will use MUST be in accord with the floor.

esempio palette con pavimento in cotto

esempio palette con pavimento in legno

At this point, you have two options: to create a neutral ambience, where you will have only color accents, otherwise bet all on the color whithout any shyness!

The first option allow you to change easier. It’s the solution with less possibility for errors and a result maybe less impressive, but surely elegant.

The starting point are the furniture, that I advise to chose in neutral colors. Therefore no the red or green kitchen, but yes to the white or black, or gray and all the tones that  fit in perfectly with a lot of other colors.

You’re probably thinking: how boring! Where is the color? The color will be the accents. Colored stools, colored accessories, tablecloth and dishes… everything that can complete the atmosphere and you can change easier. Same speech for all the other rooms. Neutral couch and colored pillows, neutral dresser but with colored inserts, and so on.

Furthermore, you can play with the walls. This solution allows you to color one or more wall (of course not all!!) with color more or less intense: abstain from dull colors! Yes for sure to all colors that can add character!

The great thing is if you get tired, will be enough a coat of paint, and a not many money to change some simple elements. In my opinion, you won’t find the armory by using only one color, but at least two or three well balanced together.

But pay attention to your choice!

One thing you always must to keep in mind is: don’t overstate with the color! Don’t get carried away. You’ll risk a mess!!

Following  some images in example…

ambienti con solo accenti di colore

poco colore2

The second solution is for the braves. Here the color is the absolute protagonist. None middle way is allowed. You must be absolutely in love for one color and to be quite sure that you will not be bored about it after one year.

The experts obtains extraordinary results with tone on tone. Walls, upholsteries, furniture, all in the same shade, with if necessary some details in a different color.

Utmost attention in this case to the color hue. If you chose, i.e , the mint green, pay attention to what elements you add. If during your shopping session you see a pale blue flowerpot, that alone seems similar to know that the risk of being wrong is right around the corner! It is necessary the absolute consistency to get an harmonious ambience; the border crossing from perfection to tacky it’s a very thin line!

Some images….

ambienti dove il colore è il vero protagonista

This post is clearly a starting point for some small tips that you need to confirm from time to time, because every room is different from the others!

So, which one do you like and inspire you more ? are you experimenting? Would you risk but you have fear? Tell me about your rooms!!