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Christmas wedding invitation

Since it’s almost Christmas time I present you one my work based on this theme.

They are wedding invitations that I realized for a couple that is going to marry few days before ChristmasSpeaking together about the color they’ve choose (the red), and the date so near to the holidays, I immediately considered appropriate to submit something that to recall the Christmas spirit (in a preview post I wrote on how the wedding invitation must help the guests to understand the atmosphere you are thinking for that day; this is the link

I decided to not make  a classical wedding invitation, rectangular or square, but to use a rounded cards, in white and bit pearly paper , with a bow on top. The reference to the Christmas balls is immediate, and the possibility to hang them through the bow I think is the squaring of the circle.

partecipazioni appese
I choose two different size of cards, one bigger then the other. The first one for the ceremony invitation and the second one for the party. I held them together thanks to the bow.
partecipazioni fede e simo

On the front of both I maintained the same picture, the bride and groom logo (that after I’ll show you in detail) and the stylized sketch of poinsettias, the flower that they have chose for their outfitting.I made also a logo, that we have utilized in all the printed stuff, like the party favors cards or the Mass booklet.

I started from their names, and I stylized the O of Federico and the S of Siometta, making them two woven rings. Obviously in the female one couldn’t miss a diamond heart!!

So, I defined all the elements that compose their personal brand, from the color to the font, in order to use it better on all the devices.
dettagli marchio Simonetta e Federico
What do you say about it? Is it passed?