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Placeholder: why should not be missing

I decided to debate this topic because it was one of the most debated point during my sister’s wedding organization (if you have missed something, she has married some months ago, and I took care of the organization!). A small premise is needed. All depends on how you want to arrange the party. If you are thinking about a bucolic and relaxed wedding, like a wedding picnic this post is not for you!!
If instead your wedding will be more traditional, sitting around the table, I think the place cards are an essential items.
The tableau marriage has become a fundamental element in the reception, so why don’t do a bigger effort and think about at the disposition of the places around the table?
First of all I believe it’s more comfortable for the guests, especially if the tables are copious, to know where they have to sit down. Furthermore it’s possible to avoid some “incidents”: do you know when in a table of 10 people the firsts that arrive sit in the middle of the table and when arrive the las couple found free only two places on opposite ends of the table? In this case or all the people slip to change position or the couple will spend the dinner separated. Otherwise if there are a group of people that know each other and some poor soul that don’t know nobody. Do to sit the poor guy near the expansive one or anyway near the one that will animate the table will make a big difference in his final impression in contrast to sit down next to the more reserved and shy guy, that let go only with who knows! Obviously it’s not an existential problem, but why don’t make all easier if you can? Moreover think about your lady friend that is come alone… why don’t make her sit near that funny guy that surely will make she happy?
There are different schools of thought about it, I know. There are who support that the place cards are not necessary, and the spontaneity always reward and if some people must change the sitting place it’s not the end of the world. Well, as you will have understand I don’t fit into that category. We are not discussed about a normal dinner with friends. Here they’re moving a big number of person. It buy us some time to make find at the guests their place to sit for me it’s only a vantage!
It’s true, take care on where the people should sit surely it will request you more time. And the things to think for the wedding are a lot. Though, for me, you must consider this like a cuddle for your guests. Without underestimate how beautiful can be the placeholders!! An added factor to get rich your table.

Our watchwords are for me in this case creativity and novelty!!

Obviously without falling in the kitsch. Here too, the risk is around the corner.

I attach you some image for possible topic.

Bucolic theme:segnaposto bucolico

Travel theme:segnaposto tema viaggi

Christmas theme:segnaposto natalizio

What do you think about it? You find them unless too?



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