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My wedding part 1: You must fight to have your dreams day!

It’s been a while from my last blog post. But i have a very good reason for that. I got married!!
And today i would like to start write again by talking about that, about my wedding.
Actually I already wrote a post on this topic but I did not publish it. Overcome with emotion I described a lot of things, telling about the day but just before to officially post it I thought it wouldn’t be so helpful for you guys.
For this reason, I’ve decided to talk about everything behind a wedding
To be really honest me and Matteo did shoot ourselves in the foot because we made some unconventional choices. We chose as a location for the wedding party a place very dear to us, the “LNI – Varese” seat placed in Laveno Mombello and this is not a location used for this kind of events.
It is a wonderful place, on the river of the lake (Lago Maggiore) and I always dreamed to say “YES” there.
The real magic behind this place is in the fact that this is a place with a members only reserved access, but do not think about a luxury yacht club, it’s a former army camp with a lot of green around it, overlooking the lake, with the interior that needs some restoration to make it ready to be an event location.
So, you can easily imagine that it was not so easy to organize all in this place. For example, just to let you know that my husband and my brother in law went there for a couple of day before the wedding to clean up the rooms, move some bunk beds and do some other jobs.
Then we started by searching for a Catering. Honestly we did not try a lot of them due to the fact that Matteo was not so often in Italy, therefore we chose the very first one we tried. They liked us at the very first impression and for this reason we confirmed it.
They were available to meet us during the days on which Matteo was in Italy, they served a very good food and they also gave us the change to try a couple of possible menu.
What we “clashed” a bit on was the customization. Let me explain. When I want I could be a real  pain in the neck, I’m obsessed with details, and obviously I wanted that day to be perfect and with everything as I wanted and had in mind.

And what I’ve understood is that the Catering companies (generally speaking) promise you a dream day, very well organized with all the details you need but only of you follow their settings. If you want to put a simple bow around the napkin that’s great, you will have the change to choose between a million bow type and colors, but if you do not want that dammit simple bow then you won’t have a lot of proposal. And if you ask for something not really special as in example to fold the napkins in a way to form a sort of pocket to insert the menu in, well you’ll probably get an answer like: no it’s not possible, I’ll spend too much time to do that, or, no it’s not possible I do not have the chance to fold in that way…. Same thing for the menu and for this reason I managed to print it on my own (even if all could have been included in the price), cut it on my own and fold it on my own. And this just because they did not have the printer.

I was worried about a week regarding how to place the sugared almonds (we use them a lot for the wedding in Italy). I did not want to use their glass vases because they did not have nothing to do with the atmosphere I thought.
As I did for the wedding invitation (I’ll show you them in another post) I wanted to use carton boxes… then, long story short, as happened for the menu also in this case I needed to take care about everything. This means buy the boxes, decorate them, prepare them, fill them with the sweets etc etc..
I mean I’m paying you a lot of money, dear catering service, and I’m still wondering why you do not want to help me and to go off the grid for a while.


Guess what? Same story for the flowers!

We are talking about one of the most important and beautiful day for two people!! I would have like only seen more passion and enthusiasm all around me. I think would be beautiful if people that works in this field do it always with energy and positivity.

Maybe at this point you are wondering if I write to scare you! No dears, in the end that day all will be beautiful and unforgettable anyway, even if is raining when you prayed for the sun during the last four months.
You only must be prepared! All you can do or ask the days before please do! For example I totally forgot to ask to the photographer to make photos for my blog with all I prepared. Obviously now I haven’t those photos!

Anyway it won’t always easy to get what you want and what you planned, but if you really want it, you can get it with a little bit of energy and dedication!





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